Marketing Services

Most businesses now understand the need for Marketing and nowhere is a well designed and costed Marketing plan more critical than online. Spiritas can provide a full range of Marketing services to support your website design project and we can do this with 14 years experience and household name clients to back it up. We recommend the following activities as fundamental to the success of small to medium businesses who are trying to grow:

Marketing Plans

Neither expensive nor difficult a simple plan will clarify your business marketing intentions, help you save money and give you something to measure your achievements against. Proceed without a plan at your peril abd while there is nothing wrong with following a strategic vision that you have in your head a written plan with external input is far more likely to keep you on track from one month to the next. If you don't have a plan you can print right now then you could make a decision and call us now to get one sorted out: 01293 406000 

Logos and Identity

An out of date tired looking logo can really bring down a new website. Worse....if your logo doesn't give the right message to your customers it could be losing you business. It's all too easy to spend so much time focusing on new business that we forget that we could be losing business through poor marketing presentation. Its our products and services that attract clients but given a choice of equals its important you stand out to your customers as the most relevant in their business sector and well thought through logos and corporate identities can do this. Not as expensive as you might think please do ask for a no obligation quote.

Website Designs and Development

What this site is all about. (See front page.) We can help you bring your site up to date and when you decide to use us you will step away from from long lead times, overly technical IT geeks and minimalist white space designers. We'll give you what your customers want we'll help you to avoid making subjective decisions and we'll give you a website that meets the top end of your expectations.


Our SEO services are honest and straightforward. We'll show what we are doing and produce reports to help you measure the progress of your site online. If you need your site be performing in the search engines we can help you achieve it. We'll work with you to establish the right keywords for your products and services i.e. the keywords which bring paying customers and then optimise your online efforts to improve rankings and traffic for the those keywords. SEO is a time consuming process so we charge by the hour against a predefined list of approved activities.


Google Adwords could be the most effective new business tool you've ever tried. Sadly too many businesses try to save a few quid, do it themselves and get poor results at a high cost. If you want to lead your business to success and growth then get a proper review of the potential opportunity and understand the costs and techniques involved in ensuring your Google Ad campaign is a success. We can also help with magazine advertising, internet banners, newspaper advertising and radio ads. See our Advertising specific site for more information.

Design and Print

We have delivered design and print projects of shapes and sizes. Everything from CD inserts to glossy brochures and catalogues. Our experienced staff can advise you on the best papers and print processes for any given marketing print requirement and our designers have years of experience working with commercial clients of all types. Say goodbye to hassles with printers and miscommunication's with designers let us handle your project and benefit from our cross industry experience and extensive trusted supplier database.

Business Gifts and Merchandise

A well chosen branded gift can be a lasting treasure or a key element in the fight to stay "top of mind" with a customer. Done badly and without thought it can be an irrelevant and wasteful use of resources. Who is it for? Why will they want it? Does it reflect your business? Is it in keeping with your campaign? Will it arrive in time? These questions and more need to be asked and answered if you wish to get the full benefit of promotional marketing products and ideas. We can send you specific ideas or a catalogue of popular promotional items on request (subject to availability), please don't hesitate to call and discuss your project.

Content for Websites, PR and Press Releases 

Content is critical on your website and it needs to be good. Relevancy is a must have for both your customers and Google. If you can't find the right words or maybe just don't have the time to sit down and write it out yourself; we can support your business with articles on a wide variety of subjects, press releases and other content related tasks. Our online press release service is a great way to ensure your messages reach the right industry journalists. Email us for a quote on your project or call us to discuss your specific requirements.