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Adwords Pay-per-click PPC

These are all the terms used to describe Google’s Adwords service which is the world’s largest online advertising platform. Even so a remarkably large number of businesses have not even tried this amazingly efficient advertising system! It’s also called search advertising as the ads generally show when people are using Google search.

Does it work? Categorically…yes it does. Then why do so many small business owners swear it doesn’t work for them?

Common reasons are:

  • Trying it without expert help
  • Bidding too much and therefore spending too much to acquire customers
  • Using the wrong or badly setup keywords
  • Failing to geotarget

Nothing wrong with running your own ad campaign if you have a technical interest and can invest the time to learn all about it but we’d recommend that you spend the time on your business and let an expert give you the benefit of their experience.

An effective adwords campaign can offer and ROI  in the 000’s!

If your service is specific and likely to be searched for only when actually needed then it is a stone cold candidate for online advertising.

Call us on 01293 406000 for a free opinion on whether you should be testing adwords advertising fro your business. We’ve run ad campaigns for Beauty Salons, Removals Companies, AV Companies, Oven Cleaners, Fostering Agencies, the list goes on so we have a big advantage when it comes to knowing what works and what doesn’t.



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