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Seo – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a very important aspect of your business marketing and you should be looking at a workable strategy to make sure your website is appearing on Google without paying out for services that don’t deliver.

If you are completely new to SEO then why not request our SEO Basics guide to get some broad understanding of how it works and what it’s about. It’s written in plain English and with a minimum of technical detail to help you get to grips with what can be a rather confusing topic. Bottom line is we would always advise a client not to start paying out a big fee for an SEO service unless the provider can clearly show you how it works from a customer perspective AND Google’s search perspective.

Unless you are a multi million pound company with an advanced technical team all SEO work should deliver broader long term marketing value. This will maximise your return on investment and make the most of your budget however limited it may be. It’s also important to recognise that SEO is an opportunity not to just bombard Google with info about your products but also to get some of your key Marketing messages across to potential customers and engage with them intelligently.

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