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Spiritas Website Design produce business class websites that put companies in control of their online presence and help them to engage their customers with clear communication of key company messages. Our services extend to SEO, Social Media, Logo Design as well as Marketing Planning and Strategy. Our customers expect results and we aim to help them achieve their commercial objectives through high quality committed service delivery.


AV Installations
We were struggling to justify our expensive pay-per-click campaign but the new site has turned everything around, more conversions, more appointments and better quality customers! In addition Spiri...
M D, Managing Director, AV Installations

Social Media

"StartUp" Package 

Doing everything you need to do on a budget is tough for business but not doing it can be a recipe for stagnation and even years of frustration as your business fails to grow. Recognising this we have devised a budget solution to building some social media momentum online. users we can offer the following basics. We make sure at least an hour a week is spent keeping life in your social media.

Key service benefit: Our expertise ensures the little you can do is correctly focused, relevant and delivering the right message to stand the best chance of generating real results.

Need to know: 4 months minimum contract. Basic twitter, facebook setup included if required. Tangible results, reports and ROI.

"Business Growth" Package

Feed your business growth with Social Media. We advise on the best platforms to work with and how to use them to best advantage. Once the strategy and objectives are agreed our team will interact with your customers and work to deliver your messages and generate sales opportunities through genuine engagement and interaction with your existing and potential customers. This package is for the client has already started to build an online presence and wants to build on the growth. It also includes a monthly report to update you with statistical data and other feedback to show how you are growing online and measure your ROI.

Key service benefit: A defined strategy and objectives combined with excellent easy to digest reporting means you will always be in control of your business investment. Tangible results, reports and ROI.

Need to know: 3 months minimum contract. Enhanced twitter and facebook setup included.